Electrical Magnetic Pump

Electrical Magnetic Pump

he SunSun  Magnetic Piston Air Pump increases the oxygen content for your fish tank. This pump is great to use with air stones to oxygenate and circulate the water boosting your plant growth.

Oxygen is a crucial part in a Hydroponic system as it promotes the stimulation of beneficial aerobic organisms increasing the water quality and assisting with the uptake of nutrients.

This air pump comes with a 6-outlet separator that can be opened or closed individually, it is perfect to run several water farms or several air stones at the same time. The cylinders and pistons are made of excellent materials, which makes the pump strong and durable.


  • Electromagnetic motor
  • 6-outlet separator
  • Artificial rubber to keep a constant air flow and pressure that can be adjusted freely
  • Energy saving function



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40L/min, 60L/min, 90L/min

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