Biocult Myco Fungi 50g

Biocult Myco Fungi 50g

BIOCULT Mycorrhiza and Trichoderma Inoculant has the following active ingredients:

Active Ingredients:

Mycorrhiza ssp:
Glomus mosseae
Glomus intraradices
Glomus etunicatum
Glomus spurka
Scutellospora dipurpurescens


Introducing these beneficial fungi to a plant’s root system from as early as the seed germination phase has multiple benefits to the plant, which include:

  • Increased resistance to harmful molds later on in the plant’s life cycle (e.g. Powdery Mildew)
  • Higher absorptive capacity for water and minerals

BIOCULT Mycorrhiza and Trichoderma Inoculant is sold in 50g sachets. 


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