Chikamasa B-500 SLF Scissors

Chikamasa B-500 SLF Scissors

The Chikamasa premium scissors are straight, stainless steel blades with a rounded outside edge and with fluorine coating. Fluorine makes the blades on the Chikamasa sap resistant. These specialized garden scissors are ideal for long hours of cutting and pruning. The outside edges of these Japanese steel blades are grounded round, a first for Chikamasa. Rounded edges on scissors protect the grain of the flower, grape or other agricultural commodity you’re pruning from bruising or other damage as you work. These trimmers are high-quality Japanese artistry at its finest. Plus, since the B-500 series was field-tested on dried flowers and by U.S. federal occupational safety hazard inspectors, you can be sure they were thoughtfully designed with your needs in mind.


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Dimensions 24 × 10 × 2 cm

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