Dirty Hands Bio-Nitro

Dirty Hands Bio-Nitro

Plant nutrition with all macro and micro (trace elements) nutrients.

Bio-Nitro is a natural liquid plant nutrition formulation that contains pure forms of the macro nutrients, as well as trace elements (micro nutrients). Bio-Nitro can be applied as either a spray on the plant or as a soil treatment to ensure optimal growth, vigour, flower and fruit development, yield and quality to all crops and plants.


  • An application also guarantees swift recovery during times of stress conditions (e.g. intense heat, frost, drought, water logging and excessively strong wind) as well as during nutrient shortages or trace element deficiencies.
  • Improves and ensures stronger root, leaf, shoot and stem development to help plants cope and come through these adverse conditions and times of stress.
  • Also gives excellent results, after a rest breaking agent has been applied that will stimulate early budding (foliation).
  • Contains a lot of free amino acids, in its most natural form, are the building blocks of proteins, which are not just necessary for optimum yields, but also for the quality and nutritional value of all crops.
  • A application will ensure an increase in the protein content, which will also cause the hectolitre mass (weight of the grain granules) to rise, and so the grade or quality of grains and cereals, will then also rise considerably.
  • Can be recommended to all types of crops, which may require certain nutrients at specific, critical stages of growth and development.

Available in 1Liter


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