Bio-Phos contains 10 % P (phosphorus) in phosphate (PO4) form and is a pure, organic, liquid product that is manufactured from natural sources only. Bio-Phos always stays in suspension, making it very accessible for and easily absorbed by the root systems of all plants and crops, shrubs and trees. Bio-Phos moves downwards through the soil profile, and therefore this product can be rinsed or washed into the soil to the required depth, exactly where it is needed – at the root zone – by merely applying it through any existing irrigation systems, (e.g. drippers, micro jets, “spitters”, pivots, etc.), without any danger of blocking or clogging any of these systems. Provides balanced plant nutrients (macro and micro nutrients or trace elements).
Plant nutrients are in their most natural form possible.
Stimulates old plants, shrubs and trees to new growth levels.
Increases harvest crop (yield) and a better crop quality of all crops (except proteas, fynbos, buchu, etc.)
Nutrients, especially phosphorus (P) in phosphorus (PO4) form, are put back into soil.
Limits rapid leaching of plant nutrients through the soil.
Soil microbial activities (“soil life”) are increased and speed up, thus releases plant nutrients quickly.
Relieves stress during conditions of cold (e.g. frost), heat, strong wind or dry and waterlogged soil.
Enriches any other soil when added to it.
Root development and growth are considerably improved.
Cannot burn, scald or damage roots, when applied at the correct, recommended dosage.
Reduces or even replaces chemical fertilizer applications.
The pH balance stays consistent in the soil.



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5L, 750ml, BOX OF 6 -750ML

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