EcoBuz Startgro EarlyGro Nutrition 3 Pack

EcoBuz Startgro EarlyGro Nutrition 3 Pack

STARTGRO supports plant growth when it’s needed the most – at planting & transplanting. Ensuring the correct nutrition at this critical stage improves overall long term plant vitality.‘Early growth’ refers to the ‘initial triggering’ of growth, ie. At germination, after transplanting, growth flushes preceding flowering, fruit set etc.

In agriculture, a plant sets its maximum yield potential within the first 7 days. Likewise, in gardening, the first 7 days of both annuals and perennial plants are regarded as CRITICAL GROWTH periods.

STARTGRO is specifically blended for use during early growth phase of you precious seedlings.

STARTGRO, this liquid formulation contains a balanced, complex of plant micro-nutrients.

STARTGRO is specifically designed for early growth periods, containing the nutrients, amino acids and growth regulators most vital to early growth.


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Weight 0.040 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2 cm

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