The liquid bio-fertiliser with powerful polymicrobial soil beneficial microbes, comprising 17 highly complex natural microbes.

(1.) Roots typically more than double in size

(2.) Reduces the use of chemical fertilizer

(3.) Rehabilitates the soil

(4.) Reduces watering requirements (benefits plant growth in drought conditions)

(5.) Achieves much larger crop yields

(6.) Improves crop quality, including raises sugar (Brix) content

(7.) Increases the populations of soil beneficial microbes

(8.) Enables sustainable agriculture

(9.) Increases the profit per hectare

(10.) Government Approved in Denmark, South Africa, Namibia and Mozambique

(11.) Pending Approval: Ghana and Madagascar

(12.) Also effective for certified organic farming.


Additional information

Weight 0.466 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 19 cm

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