Nanolux 1000W DSP UNIT 220V

Nanolux 1000W DSP UNIT 220V


The Nanolux Summit series is a modular lighting system that allows growers to invest in a lighting fixture that can be utilized in many different applications. The backbone of the Summit system is the Summit ballast, which is the first ballast that operates a range of lamp styles and wattages with the correct lamp voltage, operation frequency and strike voltage.

The ballast will correctly operate

  • HPS, MH and CMH lamp configurations
  • Between 600W and 1000W
  • With Soft/Random start plug and play technology

Simply select the correct lamp style and wattage and the ballast will now properly operate that way within the proper operational parameters.

The fixture

  • Has a ceramic industrial grade receptacle
  • Is designed for 1.5m on center commercial overlap light grid
  • Is the lowest profile DE fixture on the market


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