The Phonescope uses your smartphone’s camera to allow you to see the little things around you – like Russet Mites and trichomes.

Attach this phone scope directly to your mobile or tablet, aligning the microscope lens with your device’s camera lens. PLEASE NOTE: The middle of your lens must be 23 mm or less from the edge of the device for the Phonescope’s macro lens to fit right over the middle of your device lens.

The LED light build into the Phonescope will light up automatically when clamped onto a smartphone or tablet. This will shed light on anything brought up to the Phonescope lens.

TIP: The Phonescope is best used if your sample is placed on a flat surface ( like a table ), where you can lay the smartphone down on the sample and the flat surface. This will stabilize the phone and get rid of a shaky display on your screen.

Once you’ve set up your sample and phone, use your camera’s digital zoom feature to reveal your sample at up to 30 x magnification. (*Results will vary between different devices and applications used). Ever so slightly raise and lower your phone’s height above the sample to focus on different depths of your sample.

TIP: You can download “Magnifier” apps for all smartphones and use these with your Phonescope instead of your default camera app to get even better results !


Additional information

Weight 0.42 kg
Dimensions 9 × 3 × 7 cm

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