Plant Matter Bags

Plant Matter Bags

The Plant Matter Material Grow Bags offers you the ability to provide your loved plants with the best care possible. These bags are for novice, experienced or commercial grower. Grow bags promote healthy root growth as your roots are not pot bound and when you have healthy roots you have a stronger plant. Standard plastic containers overheat, burn your roots and stunt plant growth. Grow Bags are the future of the agricultural industry as they ensure sufficient air circulation and keep your plants cool.



  • Environmentally friendly & reusable
  • Breathable fabric that promotes air pruning
  • Prevents your roots from being pot bound
  • Impossible to overwater your plants
  • Compatible with hydro ebb and flow systems
  • Our design offers mobile ability
  • Manufactured with durable 305gsm textile


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10L, 22L, 30L

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